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Seaway Surf Sunglasses by Barz
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Mentawai Surf Sunglasses
Barz is the original surf sunglasses company founded in Australia in 1996 by surf champion Kevin Barz.  Highly adjustable frame fits well on any face and is extremely durable
Mauriio Surf Sunglasses
Ocean sunglasses are comfortable.  Truly designed for the Ocean, they have top of the line polarized lenses, hydrophobic coatings, secure head straps and full peripheral vision.
Most Durable
For XL Heads
Great for kite surfing!
Surf Shades is the only brand of surf sunglasses to offer a one year guarantee against accidental loss in the ocean.  Frames are available in black and silver and there are three lens color options.  Surf Shades can be fitted with prescription lenses.
Not beautiful - but mega-practical.  Soft frame molds to any shape face and air flow gaps between frame and the lens eliminate fogging.
Best for surfing cold water - These surf sunglasses won't fog up!
Surf Shade come with a one year guarantee against loss in the surf!
The world's best surf sunglasses.  The super high quality Mormaii Floater offers maximum ventilation to prevent fogging even in cold water. Great optical clarity and super secure head strap.  Very cool style and it comes in great colors.
Mormaii Floater Sunglasses in surf mode
Mormaii Floater Sunglasses in land mode
Fits Great on Women and Smaller Faces
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Everything You Need to Know About Surf Sunglasses
When surf sunglasses are essential
Surf sunglasses protect your eyes even when the sun is at its worst.  Sunny afternoon surf sessions on the Pacific (morning sessions on the Atlantic) merit surf sunglasses.  Tropical locales like Costa Rica and Indo demand surf sunglasses.
Blinding sunshine is bad for your eyes and it causes irreversible long term eye damage.  Pterygium is so common among surfers that it is often called surfers eye.  Eye sunburncataracts and macular degeneration are other short and long term problems surfers face.  Wearing full coverage surf sunglasses with 100% UV protection drastically reduces these risks.
What are surf sunglasses?  How are they different from casual sunglasses?
Surf Sunglasses are adapted specifically for use in the water.  The needs of a surfers are different from those of a competitive sailor but here are some things to look for in your surf sunglasses. 
All surf sunglasses should have a hydrophobic lens coating.  Clean hydrophobic lenses repel water impressively well.  After submerging the glasses the lenses should be left with no more than a few unobtrusive water droplets.   
Ventilation is critically important to keep your glasses from fogging.  The colder air and water, the more important ventilation becomes.  For wind based sports like kite surfing there is naturally more ventilation so an open frame design is not as critical.
Surf sunglasses must have 100% UV protection.  Polarization is optional.
If you are using surf sunglasses for an activity where your face forcefully impact the water (surfing, kite surfing, etc..) it is important that your surf sunglasses have anti-impact protection.  Lenses must be durable and shatterproof and the frame should never press forcefully on your nose bridge.
Loss Prevention
If you are not careful, your surf sunglasses may be lost to the sea.  The first step in loss prevention is to have a good head strap.
Some surf sunglasses come with a leash system and Surf Shades even have a guarantee against loss.
The Best Surf Sunglasses for Your Sport:
  • Jet Skiing
  • Water Skiing

Surf sunglasses are durable performance sunglasses that are designed to stay put on your head.  Beyond watersports, these products are great for: Cycling, Rock Climbing, Track and Field and all manner of Outdoor Ball Sports.
When are surf sunglasses unnecessary or detrimental?
Surf sunglasses are not always necessary and they are occasionally detrimental to a good surf session.  Even though the suns rays are always present and harmful, most surfers will leave their surf sunglasses at home when the sun will not be in their eyes.  Due to harsher solar conditions, Australians should wear surf glasses.
Fogged lenses are horrible.  This occurs when the temperature of the lens differs substantially from the temperature of the air.  When surfing warm Costa Rican waters you will rarely have a problem, but if surfing chilly northern California you may want a pair of glasses like the SPEX or Mormaii Floaters that have maximum ventilation.  
Surf sunglasses can also be annoying when it is very windy and there is lots of spray.  Individual droplets of spray are not inclined to roll off the lenses.
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Mormaii Floater Surf Sunglasses
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Good for surfing cold water - These surf sunglasses won't fog up