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Who Wears Surf Sunglasses
  All sorts of  people enjoy products they bought at  Some of my customers are older surfers who suffer cataracts, ptygiem or deteriorated vision from years of surfing.  Others are young surfers who are smart enough to start protect their eyes now, before it is too late.  Other surfers are looking for sunglasses with prescription lenses.   Increasingly non-surfers have been coming to the to buy surf sunglasses as gifts for surfer friends, or to use biking, snowboarding, playing tennis, etc.  What ever your reason for needing surf sunglasses, you came to the right place.
Inadequate ventilation will make your surf sunglasses fog.  That is why most surfer sunglasses have ventilated frames, ventilated lenses, or both.  Even so, fogging can still be an issue at times.
Sunglasses Designed for Surfing
The ocean is rough and your equipment must be able to handle it.  Surf Sunglasses are built tough and will hold up under the toughest conditions.  The lenses cannot be removed (inwards) by impact with the water.  The frames won't break in the surf, they are designed for it.
All surf sunglasses come with a head strap which keeps the glasses in place.  I prefer non-elastic head straps, but some people find elastic head straps more comfortable, especially if they have padded frames like many Ocean surf glasses.

It is understandable that people like to use a leash to keep their glasses secured to them. If you don't use a leash it is possible to lose surf sunglasses to the sea, but I have never lost a pair of surf sunglasses and I rarely use a leash.  Spex, Barz and Blueye products come with a leash.
Few things in life are as important as being able to see; I know from experience 
The Best Brands - Only Quality Products
I sell the best brands from all over the world: Ocean Watersport Sunglasses, Blueye Eyeware, Barz Optics and Spex Amfibious Eyeware.  All of the products I sell are fantastic but some are better than others for surfing.  I have tested every pair of surf sunglasses I sell and I have ranked the "Surfability" of each model.  If you plan on using the sunglasses for surfing only, be sure to get a pair that has a high surfability rating.
All of the surf glasses I sell (except the Barz Surf Goggle) have a hydrophobic water repelling coating on the lens.  This coating works great as long as the lenses are totally clean.  A fingerprint on the lens will make a noticable difference.  Always give your surf glasses a good wipe down with a microfiber towel before jumping in the surf.
I highly recommend using the anti-fog treatments.  Primordial Ooze comes included with the Spex Surf Goggle. Fog Zero is an anti fog treatment that I highly recommend for Ocean and Barz products.  Be sure to include some with your order.
Water Build-up and Fogging
Polarized Lenses
Most people prefer polarized lenses for all activities.  Polarization removes the glare from the surface of the water.  I find that this glare helps me judge how far away a wave is and where it will break.  I (personally) prefer non-polarized lenses for surfing.