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Surf Sunglasses for Australians
Every week I send surf sunglasses to Australia and it is no surprise, more so than anyone else, Australian surfers should be protecting their eyes from the sun while they surf and play. is the Surf Sunglasses Super Store
Why Australians Need to Wear Surf Glasses
Australians have the highest rate of skin cancer in the world.  During the southern summer the earth is closer to the sun than it is during the northern summer, increasing solar intensity.  Skies are generally clearer than in the north and most importantly there is less UV blocking ozone above the southern corner of the world too.  Finally, mainly of Northern European descent, Australian's light skin and light colored eyes are more easily damaged.  (

Short Term Damage
Long Term Damage
Skin Cancer, Premature Aging 
Damaging UV radiation that causes surf boards to yellow, plastic to disintegrate and skin cancer is also responsible for cataracts, from which 1/3rd of Australian's over 55 years of age suffer untreated.  Prevention is better than cure – you wouldn't take a hot dish out of the oven without an oven mitt and you shouldn't spend 10 years surfing Australian waves without surfing sunglasses on.
Which Surf Sunglasses Are Best For Australian Waters?
All of my surf sunglasses offer 100% protection against Australia's harsh solar conditions.  The most important eliminating factor is water temperature as cold water coupled poorly ventilated surf sunglasses will cause fogging.  In warm Queensland water all my surf sunglasses will preform well without fogging.  In cold Tazmanian water the Spex Goggle and Mormaii Floater will be your best bet for fogless service.  For the bulk of surfing Australians I recommend The Floater,  The Tierra del FuegoSurf Shades and the Surf Shades X. - Shipping to Australia is our Business!
Shipping to Australia costs $15, regardless of how many pairs of surf sunglasses you order and I have never had a problem with long delays in customs or packages disappearing (as is fairly common with orders to Latin America).  Order today and you will have your surf sunglasses in two weeks.
Ocean Tierra del Fuego Surf Sunglasses
The Best Surf Sunglasses for Australia
Body Surfing in Australia with Surf Sunglasses
Surf Sunglasses - The Perfect Gift for Australian Surfers
Surf Sunglasses are the perfect gift for Australian surfers.  Does Santa Clause care about protecting the eyes of your loved ones?  Learn why surf sunglasses make the perfect gift for surfers.

Australian Made Surf Sunglasses
Barz Surf Goggles are made in Australia.  Extremely robust and good leash system means that you will have them forever.  The drawback to the Barz goggle is that they have limited ventilation and tend to fog up even in warm water.  Learn about surf sunglasses, ventilation and fogging.

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