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Surf Sunglasses Design
Surf sunglasses are normal sunglasses improved in certain ways.  Because they must deal with being thrashed around in the ocean, surf sunglasses are more resilient than normal sunglasses.  The head strap keeps the glasses on during any physical activity, surfing or otherwise.  The hydrophobic coating is extremely smooth and has anti-static properties.  This keeps the lenses cleaner than normal sunglasses in and out of the ocean.
What do Surf Sunglasses Accomplsih?
Like all top quality casual and sport sunglasses, surf sunglasses offer the eye invaluable protection.  Surf Sunglasses give 100% protection from UV radiation, which is responsible for cataracts and eye sunburn.  They protect from wind and salt water spray which appears to be a leading cause of pterygium.  And certain models block blue light, which seems to be an important factor in macular degeneration.  Surf sunglasses also protect the eye from physical traumas that can occur in any sport.
Who Should Wear Surf Sunglasses
Surf Sunglasses should be worn by water sport enthusiasts who need to protect their eyes.  This should be all younger surfers who have a full life of sun exposure ahead of them and older surfers who are starting to suffer or are worried about cataractspterygiums, or macular degeneration.  Surfers who are susceptible to eye sunburn should wear surf sunglasses.  Surfers with hindered vision in one eye should always wear surf sunglasses; they are one accident (to their good eye) away from being blind.  Surfers with poor vision should not wear contacts in the water, they should wear prescription surf sunglasses.
Surf Sunglasses are fantastic protective eye ware for many outdoor sports - in and out of the water.
Who Should Not Wear Surf Sunglasses
Surf sunglasses are more hindered by fogging in very cold conditions.  Cold water lives far away from the equator where eye damage due to sunlight is much less common.  If you live more than 45 degrees from the equator, surf sunglasses maybe more trouble than they are worth for protecting against eye diseases.  If you do surf in very cold water and you need surf sunglasses be sure to get a pair with maximum ventilation like the Spex Surf Goggle.

Surf sunglasses may also not be recommendable for big wave surfing.  Such powerful forces are felt that you are likely to lose the surf sunglasses and putting a leash around your neck in such a situation  is not a great idea.
Candidate for surf sunglasses
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Dodgeball
  • Motorcycle Riding
  • Polo

  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Downhill Skiing
  • Downhill Biking
  • Volleyball
  • Horse Riding
  • Baseball
Sexy Surfer Girl With Surf Sunglasses
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Kite Surfer with surf sunglasses
Windsurfer with surf sunglasses
One eye haloween zombie
kayaker with surf sunglasses
surfer with surf sunglasses
Surf Sunglasses are for All Water Sports
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