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"Surf Shades X"
Polarized - $80
Lightweight material
Slightly Flexible
Removable Head Strap
Padded Nose and Eyebrows
UV100% Protection
Polarized and Non-Polarized options
Hydrophobic coating - water repellent
Anti-impact protection
Removable Adjustable Elastic Head Strap
Neoprene leash and collar with safety break away clip
Anti-fog spray
Microfiber cloth pouch
Frame / Lens Colors
Surf Shades are great introductory surf sunglasses.  On land they seem like normal sunglasses.  Clip in the head strap and leash they are ready for anything.  These unisex glasses can be used for just about any water or land sport.  

100% UV protection, polarized, hydrophobic coated, shatterproof lenses.  The frame wraps around nicely for good protection from the sun and objects.  The head strap keeps the glasses secure and they come with a leash for the big wipeouts.    Surf Shades is the only brand to offer a 1 year guarantee against loss in the surf.
Non-Polarized - $50
Frame / lens colors
In cool water fogging can become an issue with Surf Shades - positioning the glasses lower on the nose allows for more airflow and solves this. Surf Shades X are smaller than the Original Surf Shades and fit well on women and up to average size men.​