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"Original Surf Shades"
Polarized - $80
Lightweight material
Slightly Flexible
Removable Head Strap
Padded Nose and Eyebrows
UV100% Protection
Polarized and Non-Polarized options
Hydrophobic coating - water repellent
Anti-impact protection
Removable Adjustable Elastic Head Strap
Neoprene leash and collar with safety break away clip
Anti-fog spray
Microfiber cloth pouch
*large carry case not included
Frame / Lens Colors
Surf Shades is the only company of surf sunglasses to offer a one year guarantee against accidental loss in the ocean.  The guarantee is seldom invoked because Surf Shades stay on very well and the removable head strap is extremely secure.  If the surf sunglasses do pop over your head they are connected with the surf leash that has a easy break away clip for those "just in case" type of emergencies.  Regular and prescription Surf Shades have an effective hydrophobic lens coating.  The only draw back to Surf Shades is that they have limited ventilation which means that in cold water fogging can be an issue.  They do come with an anti-fog treatment and if you require additional ventilation the easily adjustable head strap can be loosened and the Surf Shades can be left sitting lower on the nose - this always eliminates fogging.  
Non-Polarized - $50
Frame / Lens Colors
Original Surf Shades are larger than the Surf Shades X, and will fit well on average to large sized mens heads.  They come in either silver or black frames and the polarized lens options are gray, brown, and yellow.  A non-polarized gray lens is also available.