If the style were any doper you would not be able to take the Fuerteventura across boarders
Barz Goggle great for Wind Surfing
Mauricio Surf sunglasses are recommended for kayaking
The Mauricio are stylish and come with yellow blue blocking lenses
The Barz Surf Goggle can seal out  most water and be fitted with a prescription lens
Surf Sunglasses
Sunglasses for Kayaking
What are Sunglasses for Kayaking?
Sunglasses for kayaking (or surf sunglasses) are made to withstand the rough forces of waves and rivers.  The frames are extra strong and the lenses can never be pushed through inwards.  Most lenses are polarized and they carry a hydrophobic outer coating that repels water as much as possible.  The frames and lenses are designed to increase airflow as much as possible which minimizes fogging.  Sunglasses for kayaking always have a head strap – this keeps the glasses on, even through class 5 shit.
Why Wear Sunglasses for Kayaking?
Kayaking is a lot of fun and if left to their own devices most kayakers will go on all day.  Great, the only problem (besides angry girlfriends) is that spending a whole summers day outside takes its tole.  The sun releases tons of UV radiation and this is very bad for the eyes.  Too much sun  exposure is linked to major eye problems such as macular degeneration, cataracts, pterygium and eye sunburn.  No problem though there are sunglasses that are designed for use in the water – surf sunglasses.
The Best Kayaking Sunglasses
The conditions of ever water sport are different.  Often times the water is cold so this makes fogging more of a problem for kayakers.  If you spend your time in colder water I recommend the kayaking sunglasses with most ventilation the Mauricio.  If you are about dope style, check out the Fuerteventura.

Surf Sunglasses as a Gift for Kayakers
What gear gift can you get your kayaking friend?  Another dry bag?  Surf sunglasses make a great gift for kayakers.  Most kayakers only use normal sunglasses if anything at all.  But normal sunglasses do not have the hydrophobic coating, sturdy design, head strap – they are not designed for the water.  Sunglasses for kayaking will be a well received gift by any serious or amateur kayaker.
Stylish sunglasses for kayaking
Kayaker wearing sunglasses
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Prescription Kayaking Sunglasses
Prescription kayaking sunglasses are fundamental for the keen kayaker.  If you're pounding through some class five action you are guaranteed you have bucket loads of water thrown at your face.  Contacts are a liability.  If you are wearing a pair of prescription kayaking sunglasses like the dope surf shades shown at the right you will be G as can be.  Check out our two options for prescription surf sunglasses.
Surf Shades are our recommended prescription kayaking sunglasses
Tierra del Fuego Surf Sunglasses yellow
The Tierra del Fuego are our top selling surf sunglasses because:
They Look Good
They're Super Safe
They're Stylish
They're Versatile in the Extreme
Very Good Anti-Fog Ventilation
They Even Float
Majorly Comfortable