The Mentawai are super cool and offer full wrap around protection from the sun
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The Best Sunglasses for Fishing:
Why Wear Sunglasses for Fishing?
Few sports necessitate sunglasses as much as fishing.  Long hours on a boat with the sun bombarding with powerful UV radiation both from the sky and through the reflection off the water lead to frequent eye sunburn and increased rates of cataracts, pterygium and macular degeneration among serious fishermen.  Wearing a wide brim hat offers some protection, but full protection can only come from sunglasses.  Not just any sunglasses will do, but sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection and if needed blue blocking sunglasses as well.
Sunglasses for fishing are not only about protection for the sun they are also about seeing through the surface of the water.  Polarized surf sunglasses drastically reduce glare – eliminating reflected light off the waters surface.  This makes it possible to see down through the surface of the water and spot the fishes.

The Best Sunglasses for Fishing
The best sunglasses for fishing must offer full UV protection and be polarized.  The sunglasses should have a hydrophobic coating on the outside of the lens; this will help the spray that gets on the glasses to roll right off instead of stick to the lens.  When flying around the water on a boat it is important to have sunglasses that stay on well so a securing head strap is very important. 

The best sunglasses for fishing are the Cumbuco, Mentawai and Australia

Sunglasses Are The Best Gift for Fishermen
Every fisherman should have a top pair of sunglasses – it is as important as the right rod.  Sunglasses are easy to pick out for a friend.  Check out our surf sunglasses catalog and see if we have anything that would make a great gift for your fishing friends fishy style.
Cumbuco Sunglasses for Fishing
Sunglasses for fishing is the Surf Sunglasses Super Store
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Prescription Fishing Sunglasses
Would you like to be able to see?  Check out our prescription fishing sunglasses.  We have two models of prescription surf sunglasses that are perfect sunglasses for fishermen.
Surf Shades are our recommended prescription fishing sunglasses
Tierra del Fuego Surf Sunglasses blue
The Cumbuco: stylish, world class polarized lenses, inexpensive
The Tierra del Fuego are our best selling sunglasses - perfect for fishing!