The Australia have a large frame that fits well on an XL head.
The Mentawai are super cool and offer full wrap around protection from the sun
The Cumbuco are stylish, polarized lenses and inexpensive
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Sunglasses for Water Sports
Why Wear Sunglasses for Water Sports?
Sunglasses for water sports - That is a good idea if I have ever heard one.  If you are into water sports you spend lots of time outside and the sun is gnarly.  It makes plants grow but it brings powerful UV radiation that is capable of disingrating plastic, burning your skin and buring your eyes too.  Over exposure to UV radiation and high energy visible light is responsible for all sorts of malatdies of the eyes including cataracts, pterygium and macular degeneration.  These diseases suck and if you want to avoid them you should wear sunglasses for water sports.  Reflective surfaces like the snow and ocean can reflect up to 80% of the light that hits them.  That means you should wear sunglasses for watersports 180% of the time!
Other Reasons to Wear Sunglasses for Water Sports
Protecting your eyes from the sun is important, but what about protecting your eyes from things like knives and fishing hooks?  The founder of got his eye poked out by the tip of his surf board - thats why this website exists.  Eye loss from physical trauma is real, keep an eye on it.

Cutting down glare is key too.  For water sports like fishing you want super powers that enable you to see through the surface of the water.  That is why most sunglasses for water sports come with polairzed lenses.
Sunglasses for Water Sports Design Elements
Sunglasses for water sports have tons of practicallity built into the design.  Click on the links through out to learn more. 

Head Strap:  First of all, water is more likely to push off your sunglasses than the wind is so all sunglasses for water sports and a head strap.  Head straps differ but they all do the same thing - keep the sunglasses on your head.

Hydrophobic coating :  Sunglasses for water sports are always getting wet and when water is all of the lens you can't see a damn thing.  So sunglasses for watersports have a hydrophobic coating.  Cool, huh?

Anti-impact protection:  Poorly designed sunglasses can break your nose if they get hit real hard.  Getting hit real hard happens when you are surfing or doing other water sports.  Sunglasses for water sports have padded frames and/or distribute the force of impact across your face.  No broken anything. 

Mega-ventilation - The lens goes under water and quickly gets cold.  Your face stays hot.  Fogging happens.  One of the key designs of sunglasses for water sports (and one that serperates the goodies from  the baddies) is ventilation.  The more ventilated the sunglasses the less they will fog and the faster they will recover if they do fog.  If you chill out in chilly water keep in mind the following list.
Cumbuco Sunglasses for Water Sports
Sunglasses for Water Sports
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Sunglasses for Water Sports With the Best Ventilation
Spex Goggle for Water Sports - The lenses only attach to the frame in the corners, leaving the rest of the area open to air flow.
Mauricio Sunglasses for Water Sports - The Frame is wide open on the bottom allowing for the air to flow freely. 
Sunglasses for water sports make the best gift for surfers!
Kite surfer wearing sunglasses for water sports
Chick using sunglasses for water sports
kiter wearing sunglasses for water sports
What are The Best Sunglasses for Each Sport? is the Surf Sunglasses Super Store
Prescription Water Sport Sunglasses
Prescription water sport sunglasses allow you to leave your contact lenses and the hassle they create at home.  With prescription water sport sunglasses you will see perfectly and even be able to open your eyes while under water.  You won't be able to see much becasue you are not a fish, but no matter - your eyes won't fall out. proudly offers two fine solutions for prescription surf sunglasse that work great for all water sports except skinny dipping.
All sports are different, and so is the gear.
Needs differ from sport to sport.  The best pair of sunglasses for a surfer who is continually duck diving will be different than the needs of a kayaker or fisherman.  Click the links to the right to learn which surf sunglasses are best for your sport.