Surf Sunglasses
Why Wear Sunglasses for Surfing
Important Design Featured of Surf Sunglasses
Head Strap:  Try duck diving without a head strap!  Or not, all our glasses come with one.

Hydrophobic Coating:  The outer most coating on all of our lenses repels water. The hydrophobic coatings are effective so long as the lenses are clean.

Anti-Impact Protection:  You don't notice the force of the water molecules on your face when you duck dive.  However if the water's force on your surf sunglasses is transmitted to just your nose bridge it could be a problem.  Our sunglasses for surfing are designed to spread out impact forces keeping you safe and comfortable.

Anti-Fogging Ventilation:  You duck dive in cold water.  The lens is thin so it cools down to the same temperature as the ocean.  It does not take long for your face to heat up the small amount of air between your face and the sunglasses.  FOGGING.  This is why proper ventilation is key for surf sunglasses, especially in colder water.  For water temperatures below 68 degrees we recommend the Mormaii Floater or the Spex Surf Sunglasses.
The Best Sunglasses For Other Water Sports is the Surf Sunglasses Super Store
Prescription sunglasses for surfing are the best solution for surfers with bad vision.  Wearing contacts while surfing is problematic.  You may loose your contacts and also risk serious eye infection.  With prescription surf sunglasses you can spend your surf time thinking about the surf - not your contacts.
Sunglasses for Surfing
Our Favorite Sunglasses for Surfing
​The sun is a powerful eye blasting furnace and ocean spray and wind are bad for your eyes too.  Spending long hours surfing causes short term damage like eye sunburn and long term issues such as cataracts and pterygium. Surfers in the tropics and in the southern hemisphere are especially endangered.  Wearing surf sunglasses is the only way to avoid glare and protect your eyeballs from both short term and long term damage. 
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Treat your eyes like they belong to someone you love.    Wear Surf Sunglasses.
Mormaii Floater Surf Sunglasses
Surf Shades X Surf Sunglasses
Tierra del Fuego Surf Sunglasses
The Mormaii Floater's next generation design stays on better and fogs up less than any other surf sunglasses.  They are highly recommended, especially for surfing colder waters.  
The Tierra del Fuego are the most comfortable glasses we have ever worn.  Great on land and in the surf.
These three models all have removable head straps and are great for surfing and use on land.  All of our surf sunglasses offer full UV protection and have polarized hydrophobic coated lenses.
The SurfShades X have a smaller frame and fit great on women and men with small to medium size faces.  Guaranteed against loss in the surf!   Original SurfShades and the SurfShades X are the best solution for prescription surf sunglasses.
The Best Sunglasses for Surfing
The Mormaii Floater look and feel great whether you are rocking barrels or going for pizza.
The sun is not the only danger to your eyes while surfing. Physical traumas like fin cuts and the nose of a surfboard can wreck your vision a whole lot faster than the sun. was started after the founder had his eye poked out in a surfing accident.  Be safe. Treat your eyes like they belong to someone you love.  Wear Surf Sunglasses.
Other Reasons to Wear Sunglasses for Surfing