Spex goggle for wind surfing
The Spex Goggles for wind surfing are ultra high performance
Mauricio Surf sunglasses are recommended for wind surfing
The Mauricio are stylish and come with yellow blue blocking lenses
The Fuerteventura are the best looking wind surfing sunglasses
Surf Sunglasses
Sunglasses for Stand Up Paddle Surfing
Wind Surfing Sunglasses Design
Windsurfing sunglasses are built tough to withstand the violent forces that can come from a colision with the water.  To eliminate fogging they have well ventilated designs (although  fogging can still be a problem in cold water).  Polarized lenses greatly reduce glare.  Windsurfing sunglasses lenses have a hydrophobic coating that does as much as possible to eliminate annoying water droplets.  Of course they also come with an adjustable head strap.
Why Wear Sunglasses for Wind Surfing?
Wind surfers can go on for hours.  They like to spend the whole day under the sun and the sun also beats up on them as reflection off the ocean. The sun creates powerful UV radiation which leads to high rates of pterygium and cataracts.  The sun also releases high energy visible light (blue light) which is believed to cause macular degeneration.  The best way for windsurfers to protect their eyes is to wear sunglasses for wind surfing – surf sunglasses.
The Best Sunglasses for Wind Surfing
The needs of sunglasses for windsurfing different slightly from those of sunglasses for standard surfing.  In fact the tasks of sunglasses is easier on a windsurfer than most other water sports.  All surf sunglasses will eliminate the annoying spray going straight into the eyes.  The best sunglasses for windsurfing must stay on well, even in a fierce wind.  They must feel comfortable for long stretches of time. 

The Best sunglasses for wind surfing are The Spex Goggle, The Mauricio and The Fuerteventura
Surf Sunglasses as a Gift for Wind Surfers
Sunglasses for Windsurfing are an excellent gift.  Windsurfing gear is technical and costly, tough gifts to give if you don't really know what you are doing.  But surf sunglasses are easy to pick out for a friend.  Learn more about why surf sunglasses are a great gift for surfers.
Wind surfer wearing sunglasses
Wind surfer with sunglasses
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Prescription Wind Surfing Sunglasses
Prescription wind surfing sunglasses are the best solution for wind surfers with less than perfect vision.  You will be able to see better than ever while being completely protected from harmful UV radition and wihtout the hassle of contacts.  WearSurfGlasses.com has two solutions for prescription surf sunglasses that work great for wind surfing.
Surf Shades are our recommended prescription wind surfing sunglasses