The Fuerteventura are the coolest looking stand up paddle sunglasses.
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The Best Stand Up Paddle Sunglasses:
The Best Sunglasses for Stand up Paddle Surfing
Each water sport has its own demands on surf sunglasses and SUP is no different.  Stand up paddle sunglasses must have a hydrophobic coating to encourage water to repel off the lens.  Of course SUP sunglasses must have 100% UVA and UVB protection.  All of our surf sunglasses come with a head strap to keep the glasses on your head even when you are off your board.  Some like the Tierra del Fuego also float.
Why Wear Sunglasses for SUP?
Surfers suffer abnormally high rates of cataracts and pterygium.  No supprise when you consider how much time they spend in the sun, not to mention the fact that they are always fighting reflection off the surface of the water.  A wide brim hat can help but stand up paddle sunglasses are the only real way to protect your eyes for harmful UV radiation. 

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Prescription SUP Surfing Sunglasses
Would you like to be able to see?  Check out our prescription SUP sunglasses.  We have two models of prescription surf sunglasses that are perfect sunglasses for stand up paddle surfing.
SUP sunglasses
Surf Shades come with a 1 year guarantee agaisnt loss.  Available with prescription lenses.
The Tierra del Fuego are our best selling sunglasses - Outstanding quality and great functionality.
$45 - $75
Best sunglasses for stand up paddle surfing
The Maruicio stay on well and are especially effective in cold water.
Stand up paddle sunglasses will get wet so anti-fog ventilation is critical.  When water temperatures are below 66 degrees ventilation becomes paramount and the Spex surf goggle is recommended.  If water temperatures are in the high 60's the Tierra del Fuego and Mauricio are fantastic.  Surf Shades and the Fuerteventura fare better in slightly warmer water.