Kite surfer with sunglasses
The Tierra del Fuego Sunglasses for Kite Surfing are super comfortable.
mauricio sunglasses for kitesurfing
The Mauricio are stylish and come with yellow blue blocking lenses
Surf sunglasses
Kite Surfing Sunglasses 
Kite Surfing Sunglasses Design
All kite surfing sunglasses are built strong to withstand the forces of the ocean.  They are designed to maximize ventilation to reduce fogging.  They frequently have polarized lenses to reduce glare.  The lenses have a hydrophobic coating which is a kite surfers best hope to minimize water droplets on the lens left over from a dunk or from annoying spray.  And they always come with an adjustable head strap to keep the surf sunglasses on through wipe outs.  
Why Wear Kite Surfing Sunglasses?
Kite surfers spend long hours under the sun and reflection off the water makes these troubles double.  UV radiation cast down by the sun causes abnormally high rates of cataracts and pterygium.  Blue light sent from the sun causes macular degeneration.  If kite surfers want to protect their eyes they must wear sunglasses for kite surfing.
The Best Sunglasses for Kite Surfing
Each water sport has its own demands on surf sunglasses and the needs of a kite surfer are slightly different than those of a normal surfer.  The best sunglasses for kite surfing must stay on well without any need to fidget with them.  Wind cannot misplace them.  They must also be comfortable.  Polarization is more desirable for kite surfers than for normal surfers.  

The Best sunglasses for kite surfing are the Mormaii FloaterTierra del Fuego, and The Mauricio.
Surf Sunglasses as a Gift for Kite Surfers
Sunglasses for kite surfing also make the best gift for surfers.  Most kite surfing gear is highly specific and expensive – difficult gifts.  But surf sunglasses are easy to pick out for a friend.  They also come at a friendly price point between $50 and $200.

Tierra del Fuego Sunglasses for Kite Surfing
Surf Sunglasses for Kite Surfing is the Surf Sunglasses Super Store
Prescription Kite Surfing Sunglasses
Prescription kite surfing sunglasses allow you to leave your contact lenses and the hassle they create at home.  Many kite surfers do not wear contacts and need prescription lenses regardless. proudly offers two fine solutions for prescription surf sunglasses that work great for kite surfing.
Surf Shades are our recommended prescription kite surfing sunglasses
The Mormaii Floater are our all around favorite surf sunglasses.