Some Sailing Sunglasses like the Fuerteventura have a removable head strap
Barz Goggle great for Sailing
Mauricio Sailing Sunglasses
The Mauricio are stylish and come with dark and yellow lenses.  They maximize airflow, eliminating fogging.
The Barz Surf Goggle can seal out  most water and be fitted with a prescription lens
Surf Sunglasses
Sunglasses for Sailing
Sailing Sunglasses Design Elements
There are many other factors to consider while buying sailing sunglasses.  Serious sailors should have a head strap on their sunglasses.  Only a head strap will keep the glasses on securely through all conditions.  Some of our products like the Fuerteventura come with a removable head strap that can be taken off if the conditions do not demand it.
Why Wear Sunglasses for Sailing?
Sunglasses are important for sailors.  Bright light with tons of glare reflected off the water makes it difficult for sailors to see.  Sailing sunglasses (which should be polarized) cut up to 98% of reflected light bringing to focus what you want to see.  Sailors are also at particularly high risk for eye diseases such as cataracts and pterygium.  Surgical remedies are available but prevention is always the best and least expensive cure.  Sailing sunglasses offer 100% protection from harmful UV radiation.  Sunglasses without a UV filter cause more harm than good  because they encourage the pupil to open, allowing more damaging radiation to reach your lens and retina. 
Sailing Sunglasses as a Gift for Sailors
Getting gifts for avid sailors is near impossible.  Sailing equipment is simply too expensive and technical.  A quality pair of sunglasses from will make the best gift for surfers and sailors
Stylish sunglasses for sailing is the Surf Sunglasses Super Store
Prescription Sailing Sunglasses
Prescription Surf Sunglasses are a must have for serious sailors.  When the wind howls and spray flies contact wearers are in trouble.  With sailing sunglasses the water will simply hit your lens and most of it will run off the surface.  If you want to jump into the water you do not even need to take the glasses off – Hell, the sunglasses sold at can be used for surfing!
Surf Shades sunglasses for sailing
Surf Shades are our recommended prescription sailing sunglasses
Sailors with sunglasses
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Most of the sunglasses sold on come have a hydrophobic lens coating – an important element for sailors.  The hydrophobic coating resists forming electrical bonds with polarized water molecules and dust.  Thanks to the hydrophobic coating water sheds off the lens much more than with standard sunglasses.  The coating also makes the glasses easier to clean and keeps them cleaner for longer.
When sailing in cold water fogging can be an issue and there are two possibilities for sailors.  One option is to completely seal out the water.  Barz Surf Goggles do a fantastic job of this.  The other method of eliminating fogging is to maximize ventilation allowing the temperature of the lens to quickly return to the temperature of the air around it (and not the temperature of the water or your face).  Most of our sailing sunglasses follow this principle.