Grey Spex Surf Goggle
"Spex Surf Goggle"
Super ventilated
Soft, safe material
Comfortable and fits well on medium and large faces
2 sets of polarized lenses - dark and amber
100% UV protection
Hydrophobic coating
Frame / Lens options
Surf Leash
Primordial Ooze anti-fog cleaner
Carry sleeve
Blue Spex Surf Goggle
Red Spex Surf Goggle
The Spex Surf Goggles are the best performing surf sunglasses for climates where fogging is an issue.  The hydrophobic coating works great and the super ventilated design prevents fogging.  If your water temp. is bellow 66 degrees, you want these surf sunglasses.

The two sets of lenses make these surf sunglasses ideal for various light conditions.

The soft frame material is highly bouyant and bends to fit well on medium to large faces.  You will find them very comfortable.
SPEX is the Surf Sunglasses Super Store
The Spex Goggle cannot be fitted with prescription lenses.  Need prescription surf sunglasses?