Prescription Sunglasses for Water Sports
Surfing is difficult when you can't see the waves. 
If you need prescription sunglasses for any water sport, these are the two best options. is the Surf Sunglasses Super Store
      Prescription Surf Sunglasses are the ideal solution for surfers with less than perfect vision.  Wearing contacts for water sports is not recommended.  If you accidentally open your eyes while under water you may lose your contacts.  Even worse is the risk of dangerous bacterial infection caused from wearing contacts in the water.
Why Wear Prescription Surf Sunglasses?
      Normal prescription sunglasses are useless in the water, they fall off and can easily be lost or broken.  These surf sunglasses are designed for use in the water.
      At some point in their life over half of Americans suffer from cataracts; rates are even higher for surfers. Pterygium is an eye disease so common among surfers that it is often referred to as “surfer's eye”.  The best protection against these and other eye conditions is wearing eye protection.  Prescription surf sunglasses protect surfers eyes from 100% of  harmful UV radiation as well as damaging wind and ocean spray.
Prescription Surf Sunglasses and Protecting Your Eyes From the Sun
Surf Shades X with prescription
      Both the Surf Shades X and Mormaii prescription surf sunglasses are delivered about 30 days after ordering. Rush orders are delivered in 15 days for a $100 fee.  
      Lenses are custom made by Sports Optical, a prescription optical lab specializing in prescription sport lenses.  For the past 20 years they've been innovators in the prescription sports eyewear industry and their lenses are of the very highest quality.  
Surf Shades X with prescription
Mormaii Floater with Polarized Grey Prescription Lenses
      Surf Shades X and The Mormaii Floater prescription surf sunglasses are ideal for water sports and can be worn for everyday casual use too.  Both frames tolerate a prescription range from -5.00 to +2.00.
      All prescription lenses are shatterproof, hydrophobic coated and offer 100% UV protection.  Lenses are available in grey, brown, rose-copper and clear. 
Manufactures of the the finest 
prescription sports sunglasses 

Prescription Surf Sunglasses are made​ in collaboration with

In our opinion, these are the absolute best sunglasses for surfing. The Mormaii Floater offer maximum ventilation to prevent fogging (even in cold water) and a super secure head strap.
Surf Shades X are a little bit smaller and fit great on women.  Durable design is ocean-proof.