The History of
After several unsuccessful surgeries aimed at saving my eye it was eventually removed.  But I could not be kept out of the water.  Before I was even fitted for a glass eye I was already surfing again - now with protective eyeware.  I tried Rex-Spex and other sport sunglasses but they were all near useless.  Even in Costa Rica's warm waters there were problems with fogging, there was no help from a hydrophobic coating and I had to deal with a half dozen lost lenses.   Surfers need sunglasses especially needed for surfing.  I wanted them and I knew others that did too.
My name is Tony DiMaggio.  I am a 24 year old travel bum who has been on the go since forever.  I was transplanted from Monterey, California to Tamarindo, Costa Rica at the age of 13.  At 17 my left eye was “poked out” while surfing Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica.  That is the root cause of
In Costa Rica it is difficult to come across surf sunglasses and at that time the internet wasn't too much help either.  The opportunity stayed on top of my mind and six years after the accident I opened, the world's only surf sunglasses super store.
Traveling has surpassed surfing as the root mover in my life.  I have lived in California, Colorado, Costa Rica, Argentina, Uruguay, New Zealand and Italy.  Right now I traveling around South East Asia managing from my laptop. is not my life but a multi-purpose tool.  It helps to enable my nomadic lifestyle (although I also pick up odd-jobs along the way to foot my travel bills) and this website also helps me fulfill my altruistic goals of helping other surfers protect their eyes and giving back to the ocean and the sport of surfing.  10% of profits go to charity. is the Surf Sunglasses Super Store