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Ocean Spray
Ocean Spray While Surfing
It is a beautiful clear day with strong offshore winds.  Because of the wind the waves are holding up and throwing perfect barrels.  Getting into the waves is a bit though though.  There is a very narrow window to make the drop and you are paddling straight into the strong wind.  Frequently you find yourself sliding up the top and off the wave before you are able to get into it.  Every time this happens you think, “shit” just lost another tube.  And then you get hammered by enough spray to drowned a monkey.   Perfect time to have surf sunglasses.
Ocean Spray and Surf Sunglasses
Surf sunglasses are a barrier between your eyes and the world.  The spray that would have ended up in your eyes, stinging and causing you to pause, hits the hydrophobic lens and drips right off.  This is true for surfers as well as fishermen, kite surfers, etc.
Hazards of Ocean Spray
Ocean Spray will cause you to stop what your doing and clear your eyes.  It can burn.  And Ocean Spray is also linked to Pterygium (Surfer's Eye)
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