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    Ocean Sunglasses is a European brand of sports accessories with a focus on sunglasses.  They are based near the Bay of Biscay in Spain, an area renowned for fantastic surf and ski.  Ocean Sunglasses' engineers personally put their products through the toughest tests in the surf and on the mountain.
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Ocean Surf Sunglasses
Ocean Sunglasses Products
    Ocean has three classes of sunglasses: surf sunglasses, casual sunglasses and kids sunglasses.  All three classes have absolute top quality frames and lenses.
Ocean Sunglasses Frames
Ocean Sunglasses frames go far beyond the minimum requirements.  They are made of lightweight synthetic materials capable of withstanding the powerful forces confronted in surf.  The designs of the surf sunglasses are centered around anti-impact protection.  This will keep your face safe as a squirrel even while taking a beating over the falls.  All Ocean sunglasses allow full peripheral vision too.  This is a key feature that not all sports sunglasses have.  The only hitch in the frames' design is that they are too curved to permit prescription lenses.
Ocean Sunglasses Lenses
Ocean Sunglasses also offer world class protection for your eyes.  They have 100% UV protection built into the material of the lens (not a coating) so it cannot even scratch off.  This gives the best UV protection possible.
Ocean Sunglasses for Kids
Ocean kids sunglasses use the same top notch frame and lens materials as the adult sunglasses.  They are built tough and protect young people's eyes from all the non-carnal harms that the world throws at them.
Ocean Casual Sunglasses
Ocean casual sunglasses are an incredible combination of performance, style and price.  They are built of tough, top quality materials.  They have wrap around designs that prevent light entering from the side of the lens, plus all the light that goes through the lens is filtered completely for UV radiation.  For $59 they are a great value.
Ocean Surf Sunglasses
Surf sunglasses are the heart of the Ocean Sunglasses brand.  Ocean Surf Sunglasses are the best value surf sunglasses on the market.  Like all other Ocean sunglasses they offer full UV protection, wrap around design with full peripheral vision and hydrophobic coatings.  The surf sunglasses are also designed with impact with the water in mind.  Some models, like their leading seller the Tierra del Fuego, come with foam padding that makes the them more comfortable than any other surf sunglasses on the market.  All Ocean Surf Sunglasses come with a head strap and some models, like the Fuerteventura, offer a removable head strap which makes the glasses perfect to rock on land too.  The Maurico and the Tierra del Fuego also offer interchangeable dark or yellow lenses, an incredible feature that makes the glasses perfect for use during all conditions at any time of day. 
Ocean Sunglasses Recommends their surf sunglasses for the following sports:
  • Skiing
  • Water Skiing
  • Wake Boarding
  • PWC
  • Jet Skiing
  • Stand Up Paddle
  • Sailing
Ocean sunglasses hydrophobic coating is also best in class.  Hydrophobic coatings are anti-static, creating an electrically neutral barrier that resists bonds with water molecules, thereby repelling droplets from the lens.  The hydrophobic coating does more than just repel water;  it's properties discourage contact from floating dust particles, and resist oils.  The lenses are also easy to clean with one pass of a microfiber cloth (included with all Ocean sunglasses) usually being sufficient.
Ocean produces the best polarized lenses on earth. Ordinary polarized lenses corrupt your vision and don’t block nearly as much glare as they should.  Ocean polarized sunglasses achieve 99% efficiency in blocking polarized light waves.