Fuerteventura Surf Sunglasses Mate Black
Lightweight material
Non-slip rubber tip arms
UV100% Protection
Hydrophobic coating - water repellent
Anti-impact protection
Carry sleeve
Easily removable head strap
Frame Color
Fuerteventura Surf Sunglasses shiny black
Fuerteventura surf sunglasses are, in my opinion, the best looking.  They work great on land or in the wet stuff, and are perfect for men and women.  These glasses make a great gift because they are so versatile - Great as fishing sunglasses!

The reason for the low surfability rating is that the frame is not padded and it rests on the nose.  Official word is that if a wall of water hits your face hard, you could potentially end up with a broken nose.  This has never happened (or even come close to happening) to me, but the risk is there.  

The ventilated lens offers decent but not great fog control.
*  The Fuerteventura will have ventilation holes in the lens
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