Cumbuco Surf Sunglasses Mate black
"Cumbuco Surf Sunglasses"
Cumbuco Surf Sunglasses green
Lightweight material
Nose pads for comfort
Non-slip rubber tip arms
Ventilated Frame

UV100% Protection
Hydrophobic coating - water repellent
Anti-impact protection

Carry sleeve
Cumbuco Surf Sunglasses red
Cumbuco Surf Sunglasses white
The Cumbuco Surf Sunglasses are a good introductory pair of surf sunglasses because the investment is minimal and they look great for other activities like fishing.  The unpadded frame can be a bit dangerous in strong surf, and they do experience a bit of fogging.  Overall however, they are a great all-rounder for beginners or those out for a splash-around.  Cumbuco surf sunglasses are at the 'cool' end of the surf sunglasses style spectrum, and are versatile enough for other sports too. is the Surf Sunglasses Super Store
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