Costa Rica Surf Sunglasses Shiny Black
Costa Rica Surf Sunglasses Mate Black
"Costa Rica"
Lightweight material
Non-slip rubber tip arms
Foam backing for extra comfort
Ventilated Frame
UV100% Protection
Hydrophobic coating - water repellent
Anti-impact protection
Ventilated lens
Carry sleeve
Costa Rica Surf Sunglasses White
Costa Rica surf sunglasses stick to my brown when I wear them which makes them difficult to keep in place.  The ventilated frame is covered by the padding on the inside, and has no effect.  The ventilated lenses are still effective.  Some fogging occurs with these glasses.

For alternative better performing surf sunglasses check out the Spex Surf Goggle and the Tierra del Fuego.

If you really want a pair of these, I can hook it up.  Send me an email. is the Surf Sunglasses Super Store
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