"Mormaii Floater Surf Sunglasses" 
Frame / Trim Colors
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Surfer's Favorite
The Floaters have a durable, non-elastic head strap which makes it nearly impossible for them to escape off your head.  No leash is required but we include one anyway. 
The lenses offer full UV protection, are polarized, hydrophobic coated and not too dark.  Great optics.

Frame / Trim Colors
Frame / Trim Colors
The Mormaii Floater are our favorite sunglasses for surfing and most water sports.  They stay on better and fog up less than any other surf sunglasses.  Beautiful on land, then clip in the head strap and rubberized spacer and you're ready to rock barrels.
The spacer distances the glasses from the face and permits air and water to flow freely behind the lens.  Coupled with four small holes in each lens, there is adequate ventilation to prevent the glasses from fogging, even in cold water.
Blue Illusion
Black / Red
Floater clear metalic
Shiny Silver
Clear Metallic