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   The Surf Sunglasses Head Strap
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Removable Head Strap
Elastic Head Strap
Head Strap Leaves from frame, not arms
Normal sunglasses get knocked off when you get pounded around by the surf but surf sunglasses come with a head strap.  The head strap goes around the head like a belt and holds the glasses onto the face.  The head strap is always adjustable. 
Some sunglasses head straps are removable making the surf sunglasses great for use on land.  The Tierra del Fuego sunglasses have a unique design.  The arms are easily “unclipped” from the frame and a head strap can be clipped into replace them.  That makes the Tierra del Fuego perfect for use on land or in the sea. 
Tierra del Fuego Surf Sunglasses with arms
Tierra del Fuego Surf Sunglasses with head strap
Tierra del Fuego Surf Sunglasses with arms and head strap clipped in.  Changing from one to the other takes only seconds.
Normal sunglasses have arms that rest on the ears.  Some surf sunglasses also have arms and have the head strap coming from off the tip of the arms.  This is transference from traditional sunglasses.
An improved surf sunglasses design eliminates the arms and has the strap lead directly off the frame of the surf sunglasses.  This allows for a more comfortable and more secure fit.
Removable head strap on Fuerteventura Surf Sunglasses
The Fuerteventura has a removable head strap that is inserted through the oblong holes on the tips of the arms. 
Headstraps can be elastic or non-elastic.  An elastic head strap is typically more comfortable.  It is also easier to move the surf sunglasses off your head.  When there is a bit of fogging on your surf sunglasses it is very easy to pull them away from your face for just a couple of second increasing the airflow and eliminating the fogging.  With a non-elastic head strap you have to loosen the head strap before you can remove the glasses but it better secures the surf sunglasses during a wipeout.  Since non-elastic headstraps do not stretch, the surf sunglasses will have a very difficult time coming off.
Elastic Vs Non-Elastic Sunglasses Head Strap
Removable Sunglasses Head Strap
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