Surf Sunglasses
Sunglasses for Body Boarding
What are Surf Sunglasses for Body Boarding
Surf sunglasses are made for use while body boarding or doing any other activity on the water's surface.   Extra strong frames withstand the surf.  The lenses cannot be pushed inward and will not fall out or break.  They also have a hydrophobic water repelling coating.    Sunglasses for body boarding are designed to maximize ventilation which greatly reduces fogging.  And of course sunglasses for body boarding have a head strap that keeps the goggles securely in place.  Many also come with a leash to keep the glasses near even in the wickedest wipe-out. 

Why Wear Sunglasses for Body Boarding?
Body boarders are right on level with the water and spray is always getting into the eyes disturbing vision.  Surf sunglasses keep the eyes shielded with a physical barrier so you can always be paying attention to the wave ahead.  Also, body boarders spend tons of time in the ocean facing a brutal sun and reflection off the water.  Intense exposure to sunlight and UV radiation for lengths of time can cause eye sunburn and is considered to be one of the leading contributing factors of cataracts, pterygium and macular degeneration
Sunglasses for body boarding
Tierra del Fuego Surf Sunglasses - Great sunglasses for Body Boarding
The Best Sunglasses for Body Boarding
Body boarders suffer different forces and strains then partakers in other sports and the glasses they need are specialized.  Body boarders are right on level with the surface so their sunglasses need maximum drainage.  Occasionally they find their face smacking firmly against the waves.  Not a problem normally, but it is if you are wearing a pair of unpadded sunglasses that rest entirely on the nose.  Your surf sunglasses need anti-impact protection

The two best sunglasses for body boarding are the Tierra del Fuego and the Spex Surf Goggle.

Spex goggle for body boarding
The Spex Goggles for body boarding are ultra high performance is the Surf Sunglasses Super Store
Prescription Body Boarding Sunglasses
Prescription body boarding sunglasses are a key piece of equipment for body boarders with imperfect vision.  Contacts are not a good option for body boarders.  With water and spray frequently getting in the eyes, contacts are always at risk.  All one can do is close their eyes and try not to lose their contacts - they lose the wave instead.  The best solution is to wear prescription body boarding sunglasses. offers three different prescription surf sunglasses that are perfect for body boarders. 
Surf Shades are our recommended prescription body boarding sunglasses