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Goggles for Body Surfing 
Body Surfing Equipment
Body surfing is great because you can just get out there and do it.  No need for a board or fins or anything.  If you go at night, you don't even need to bring your shorts.  But if there is one piece of gear that makes body surfing much nicer it would be surf sunglasses.
What are Surf Sunglasses and Goggles for Body Surfing?
Surf sunglasses and goggles for body surfing are one and the same.  They are sunglasses designed for use during water sports.  The frames are extra strong and the lenses will not break or fall out even when being pushed by the water.  The lenses have a hydrophobic coating which helps the water to sheet off.  Surf sunglasses always have a head strap to keep the glasses securely on your head and some surf sunglasses come with an extra layer of protection from loss, a leash that can be secured to a wetsuit or around your neck.  Goggle for body surfing (surf sunglasses) do not seal around the eyes but have maximize air circulation to minimize fogging.  
Why Wear Eye Protection For Body Surfing?
When body surfing the water is always pushing hard right into your face and right into your eyes.  Wearing goggles while body surfing puts physical barrier between your eyes and the water.  They will keep the water from pounding into your eyes.  Wearing surf sunglasses or goggles while body surfing allows you to actually see what you are doing!

Eye protection for body surfing
People who spend lots ot fime in the sun doing activities like body surfing suffer abnormally high rates of cataractspterygium and macular degeneration.  Learn about how UV radiation and blue light cause these problems.
The Best Goggles for Body Surfing
The conditions of body surfing are different than other sports so the ideal goggle is also different.  While body surfing you spend lots of time with your face below the water so maximum drainage is very important.  Your face pushes against the water but it never smacks so anti-impact protection is not as important.  The force of the water is generally down on the face.  This makes it very unlikely that the glasses come off the top of the head – a leash is not necessary.  However, the body boarding goggles will be pushed down around the neck.  This means you need a goggle that rests comfortably on the face and is not prone to being pushed down over the nose.

The best sunglasses for body surfing are the Momraii FloaterTierra del Fuego and the Mauicio.  

surf sunglasses for body surfing
Forces on a body surfer wearing goggles
Forces on a Body Surfer Wearing Goggles is the Surf Sunglasses Super Store
Prescription Body Surfing Sunglasses
Prescription body surfing sunglasses are fundamental for body surfers with imperfect vision.  Body surfers should not wear contacts as they always have water pushed into their eyes.  Prescription body surfing sunglasses are the only solution. offers two models of prescription surf sunglasses that are perfect.
Surf Shades are our recommended prescription body surfing sunglasses
The Mormaii Floater are our all around favorite surf sunglasses.