Surf Sunglasses
The Best Gift for Surfers
Surf Sunglasses
        Most surf equipment is highly individualized but fortunately our surf sunglasses fit most faces.  Polarized lenses make it easier to see the water by reducing reflected glare by up to 99%.  All the surf sunglasses we sell are made for water sports; they have hydrophobic coated lensesanti-impact protection, a securing head strap and offer full UVA/UVB protection.  

        Our favorite surf sunglasses shown on this page are all convertible with clip on arms or a removable head strap.  These are high quality sunglasses for land use and awesome surf sunglasses too - A perfect gift!
What  a great gift those surf sunglasses would make!
Get Surfers a Gift They Can Use
Surf sunglasses are becoming an integral accessory for every surfer.  While most surfers already have leashes, fins and wetsuits, surf sunglasses have not yet become mainstream, making them the perfect gift.  Surf sunglasses are used for all water sports and work great for land sports as well.
Surf sunglasses make surfing easier by reducing glare and keeping spray out of the eyes.  They eliminate eye sunburn and are an important preventative measure against cataracts and pterygium, common degenerative eye diseases among aging surfers.  Surf sunglasses are crucial for surfing tropical areas and the ozone thin southern hemisphere.  
Great gift for surfers
Many surf sunglasses come with a removable leash or head strap.  This allows them to be used as cool everyday sunglasses too. The lucky recipient of your gift will be able to wear the surf sunglasses all the time, whether they are surfing or not.  Check out the Tierra del Fuego ($79) and the Mormaii Floaters ($160), both work great in the water and are super-fly on land too.  is  the  Surf  Sunglasses  Super  Store  Since  2010
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Our Favorite Surf Sunglasses
Surf Shades come with a one year guarantee against loss in the surf!  The Surf Shades X is recommended for smaller faces and fits great on both men and women. 
The Tierra del Fuego are the most comfortable glasses I have ever worn both on land and in the surf. Interchangeable dark and yellow lenses included.
The world's best surf sunglasses
New from Brazil: The Mormaii Floater offers maximum ventilation to prevent fogging even in cold water.  Great optical clarity and super secure head strap.
All surf sunglasses come with a head strap and polarized, impact resistant lenses and 100% UVA/UVB protection. SurfShades, the Tierra del Fuego and the Floater all come with interchangeable parts to make the glasses practicable for land and water sports use.
Free Shipping in the USA         -         $10 Shipping to Australia
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Free Shipping in the USA         -         $10 Shipping to Australia
Delivered in 4 - 6 days
10 - 14 days
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