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Eye Sunburn
Is It Possible to Sunburn your eyes?
Eye sunburn causes bloodshot eyes, light sensitivity and it makes your eyes feel gritty.
No more emails from new surfers asking if it is possible to sunburn your eyes.  Ask anyone who has had 6 hour surf days in summer - eye sunburn is real.
What is Eye Sunburn?
When the eye is sunburn the white of the eye becomes blood shot, the eye feels gritty, and one becomes sensitive to light.  Similar to skin sunburn, eye sunburn occurs when too many powerful UV rays hit your fragile cornea and it cannot immediately recover.  Apart from being the outer layer of defense for your eye, protecting against dirt and sand, the cornea also shields more delicate parts of the eye from harmful UV light.  You should keep it healthy.
How To Prevent Eye Sunburn
The best prevention for eye sunburn is wearing surf sunglasses.  Surf sunglasses block 100% of UV light, keeping your eyes sunburn free and safe from other long term problems.  If you don't wear surf sunglasses, wearing a wide brim surf hat can offer some limited protection.
How To Treat Sunburn Eyes
If you weren't prepared with good sunglasses and you sunburn your eyes one time, do not worry too much.  Like skin sunburn, the real problems come from repeatedly sunburning your eyes.  They will eventually heal themselves.  You can help by staying in the dark for a few days and using lubricating eye drops.  If your eyes really hurt, get some anti-inflammatory eye drops from the pharmacist.  If you think you have a serious problem, your symptoms do not seriously improve in a week, or your symptoms worsen, visit your doctor immediately.
Long Term Effects of Eye Sunburn
Short term effects of eye sunburn are minor.  Studies of the long term effects are incomplete but researches agree that the powerful UV radiation that causes eye sunburn is also responsible for cataracts and pterygium.  It is important to protect your eyes, as well as your skin, from sunburn.
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