Charitable Commitment
If you have a good cause where a little bit of money can go a long way, please let me know. I am always on the lookout for opportunities to make small contributions. You would be amazed how few people have asked!
The world has been good to me and I believe that it is important to be good back to the world. I am extremely proud to give 10% of profits go to altruistic causes.
SurfRider Foundation:  SurfRiders goal is simple; protect our coasts and beaches.  They do this through beach  clean-ups, water testing and clean ocean education, supporting beach access initiatives, plastic reduction programs and influencing government policy regarding beaches and oceans. is the Surf Sunglasses Super Store
Previous Donations:  
Our first charitable donation was used to buy books, paper and pens for a small school in a remote village in Laos.  Most of the schools students did not have shoes and had never seen a car.  Although there was a 100% language barrier we were warmly accepted.  The books, pens, and paper we brought were much needed.  We also taught English classes for a few hours and then (as their culture dictates) we got drunk with all the teachers and the "President of the Village", we had a wrist tying ceremony, and then I was given a chicken head to eat.  Absolutely an incredible experience - I feel like we received much more than we gave.  Thank You to Leon and Hellen for matching the donation!
November 2011 - School Supplies for a remote village in Laos
February 2012 -SurfRider Foundation
April 2013 - Heather Chrystie's incredible expedition to the Indian Himilayas to teach school children how to ski.
Charity Giving Time Line
In the beggening of 2013 Heather and Cara set out on an incredible expedition to the Himilayas.  The purpose of their trip was to help people become more mobile in the winter time.  In the remote Indian Himilayas, this means teaching people how to ski.  Learn about their incredible adventure at  We are glad that we could provide them with modest financial support for their trip.  
Current Efforts:  
Since 2013 most of the funds have been bookmarked for The Johnny Appleseed Project. My dream is to plant low maintenance, edible fruits and berries in unexpected places such as along wilderness trails, schools, public parks, etc. Thanks to you The Johnny Appleseed Project nursery is alive and well.  In spring 2016 we will be transplanting out our first trees and small fruits and the nursery will be expanding greatly.
November 2014 - SurfRider Foundation
The Big American Paddle - In 2015 we sponsored a couple of crazy kids who rafted the whole length of the Mississippi River.  Why not?