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Surf Sunglasses
Sunglasses for Surfers... While they wait tables
$76 is the Surf Sunglasses Super Store
Apart from surf sunglasses, Ocean produces a line of top quality “surfer style” casual sunglasses too.  The Surfer Sunglasses shown on this page are not designed for use in the water but to survive the surfer's day to day lifestyle.  The polycarbonate frames are durable and lightweight.  The hinges are wide and strong – practically unbreakable. 
Ocean is known for producing some of the best polarized lenses on the planet.  They block up to 99% of polarized light without corrupting the image. 
All of these sunglasses have 100% of UV protection built into the lens material so it cannot be scratched off.
All Ocean Sunglasses have a hydrophobic coating.  This helps repel water down the face of the lens if they get wet.  It also discourages oils and dust from sticking to the lens – they will stay clean longer and wipe clean easier than normal lenses.
The surfer sunglasses on this page are perfect for just hanging out or for relaxed water sports like fishing.
  • Surfer Style Sunglasses
  • Super Durable Frames
  • Top Quality Lenses
  • Great Value!
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Mentawai Surf Sunglasses
Removable Head Strap