The Barz Surf Goggle is the best eye protection available for extreme conditions.  They are designed for action water sports, but work great for mountain biking, motorcycling, snowboarding, skydiving, and any other bold activities you may be up to.

The surf goggles enclosed design is ideal for protection against wind, spray and dust but can be problematic for fogging, especially in colder water.
Barz Surf Goggle and accessories
"Barz Surf Goggles"
The Barz Surf Goggle Warranty: Frames have a 12-month  warranty against faulty workmanship or product failure. The gaskets and flexible bridges have a 12-month warranty against failure or loss. There is no warranty against scratching of the lenses, but replacements are available for a reasonable charge.
Prescription ready Barz Surf Goggle
$135 - NonPolarized
Molded Nylon - Nearly indestructible
Highly Adjustable - fits well on any face

Cast Resin - Fogs less than polycarbonate
100% UVA/UVB protection
Can be fit with a prescription

Surf Leash
2 sets of hypoallergenic gaskets*
3 sizes of nose bridge
Neoprene case

Prescription Lens:  The Barz Surf Goggle can be fit with prescription lenses.  The goggle should first be adjusted to fit properly before the prescription is installed so we recommend that you have it done by your local optometrist.  Most local optometrists are willing to install prescription lenses within the range of -6.00 to +2.00
$165 - Polarized is the Surf Sunglasses Super Store
The gaskets are tapered; by rotating them they adjust to fit any face.  The surf goggles come with two sets of gaskets.  One set comes ventilated and the other set can be customized (after adjusting them) by putting holes in the bottom with a paper hole punch.  Water won't get in when you duck dive and they will still drain well.